Anton Lyutikov
Digital designer
Internship at Yandex
Moscow, Russia
+7 921 632-26-37
Internship in Yandex search design team. Different tasks for Videos, Collections, Geo and Tutor.
Instagram account with posters, fooling around with layout and typography.
Under NDA
Software redesign for the American manufacturer of gaming computer equipment and peripherals.
Under NDA
Courier delivery app design for the Arab market.
App concept to help a company of friends to split their bill and pay it with phones. Somebody with app scans the bill, split it with others, leaves a tip and pays his part by card or Apple pay. After this, his friends will get an SMS with a link to pay their parts.
Design for all in one software that is a cloud storage for work files, a tool for project management and resource allocation, a collaboration hub and much more. It's developed specifically for various construction methods.
Concept naming, identity and app design for a portable device that monitors the quality and safety of the air around you and immediately alerts you when the air is not safe.
Redesign of Arkhangelsk region tourist website, making it equally useful for tourists and locals. It helps to discover new places, tours and routes, find out where to eat and sleep.
White Alley
Website design for health and beauty center to help it's clients to find solution for their problems and know enough about it.
Concept identity and app design for car rental.
Redesign of the international space station funsite with accents on online broadcasting from the station and improving reading experience.